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Welcome to the Business Blogger Tips blog, where you can turn each week for a practical tip on how to promote your business with a blog.

Practical tips range from copy-writing tips, software recommendations, social media best practices SEO, and, of course, great tips on how to build, improve and optimize your business blog.

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About Cary Snowden

I started a Web development company in 2005 called Square Compass. The Web was exploding at the time and businesses everywhere were coming to us for online marketing solutions. With an emphasis on helping businesses market their products online, Square Compass adopted the WordPress blogging platform as a primary recommendation and I held my first blog workshop in that first year. 15 people attended.

Since then I have helped hundreds of companies develop business blogging strategies and incorporate blogging into their online marketing campaigns.

As a result of overwhelming customer requests, I directed the Square Compass team to develop a technology I call ListPipe that allows us to create an unlimited number of localized corporate blogs for franchises, distributed sales groups and distributorships. Along with this expanded entrenchment into business blogging came a need for sharing business blogging tips with our clients, and so was born the Business Blogger Tips blog.

Before becoming a professional business blogger I was involved with several entrepreneurial ventures including a certification labs group working to qualify technical certification materials. I also started two publishing companies, each of which published print magazines (CertMag and Professional Certification) to the technical certification marketplace. It was while working on the publications that I experienced how online publishing would explode as search engines matured and tools like WordPress made it easy for anyone to become a publisher. I moved our publications online and developed what was then a rudimentary blog.

Previous to my own blogging revolution, I worked as a marketer for various high tech companies including Microsoft and Novell, where I was instrumental in the development of our (then) first presence on the Web. I later worked for a high tech advertising firm, where I directed our online marketing initiatives on behalf of our clients.

More recently I have been giving lectures and teaching at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. I am involved with our local Social Media Clubs (both in Salt Lake City and Utah County) and I contribute to the entrepreneurial community as a board member of the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. On any given day you will find me working with our many customers of ListPipe, and helping business owners and managers establish a presence on the Web with a blog.

Thanks for stopping by.

You can reach me online on Twitter. You can learn more about Square Compass and our ListPipe project, or see what’s going on or get involved with our local business community through the Utah Valley Business Blog.

— Cary Snowden