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add questions to your post titleOne of the leading strategies for building interest in your content is to use a question as your title or headline.

Questions are compelling and generate interest. Creating a blog title that poses a question is almost irresistible to most readers and a great way to stick out above the crowd and get noticed; while everyone seems to have something to tell, it is not often that we get asked.

When we are asked a question, it is hard to resist giving an answer, finding out why the question was asked in the first place, or learning the reason to an obvious answer.

Rewrite your next blog title in the form of a question. If the title of your post is going to be ‘Make Your Titles A Question‘, rewrite it as ‘Are You Using Questions To Generate Interest?’ By doing this you are turning a definitive instruction into a compelling reason to seek more information. The question on your reader’s lips will be ‘why should I use questions to generate interest?’, and they will be compelled to read more about it.

When you share your post to a social network like Facebook or Twitter, you have a limited space in which to describe your post. A question represents the shortest way to communicate the value proposition of your article while enticing your readers to investigate further. The next time you share an article to Facebook, or tweet a link to your blog, add a question to the comment and present the link as the answer.

If you have done it right, you should see an increase in interest to your blog from your social sites, and an increase in retweets and forwards.

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