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charismaI was watching an online drum lesson the other day (I still aspire to be a rock star, someday…), and in the lesson the instructor was addressing showmanship. He gave two examples while playing the same beat. First, he tapped out a traditional beat without moving around. He made sure to emphasize that he was uninvolved by rolling his eyes and appearing as bored as he could be.

The result was that the beat he played didn’t sound very interesting or fun.

After a brief pause to explain the importance of charisma in his delivery, he played the same beat again, but this time added some ‘charisma’; he bobbed his head to the beat, swung his arms a little more wildly, and moved his body as if he were dancing.

Wow! What a difference it made. Suddenly the same boring beat he had played before came alive. It was somehow more danceable, enticing and engaging. I literally found myself dancing along as I watched.

There was no difference between the beats he played, but yet the second version was so much more exciting. Adding a little charisma to your blogs and posts can have the same effect; dress up your story with a little charisma.

The dictionary defines charisma as a ‘compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others‘. Perfect! This is exactly what your blog needs to stand out in the crowd, and just what your message needs to get through the clutter.

Adding charisma is easier than you think; all it takes is some personal excitement and a little extra spice. Let your audience know that you are personally excited about the product or service you are talking about, and express your self in fantastic, exciting terms! Get a little loud, and let your readers know that you are jumping up and down with enthusiasm, and that you can’t wait for them to try your suggestions.

I can’t wait for you to try this; It really works!

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