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As we all know, blogging is a great way to establish your business presence on the Web. It is also a strong foundation for your social marketing. What we often forget is that we still have to do some work to get the word out; every time we post.

While blogging for your business is a surefire way to get indexed in the search engines, what we really want is an audience to read our news and announcements. And for that we have to add a little elbow grease.

There are a million and one things to do to get the word out about your new post, and I could go on for quite a while about them. For now, I want to start off with a basic list of five things you should be doing every time you post to your blog:

1. Share with your Facebook.

You knew I was going to say this, but it really has become one of the primary ways to get the word out on the Web. Facebook has become a standard platform for establishing a brand and a launch pad for extending your posts to a share-friendly audience. There are nearly 500 million people on Facebook, more people than most entire countries. I recommend using an add-on in your Firefox or Chrome browser to share to Facebook, or at lease a plugin on your blog that provides share-links to Facebook. If not, you can share your blog post by simply copying the post URL and pasting it into the status update field on your Facebook page. Make sure you make an introductory comment, and don’t forget to make an explicit request to your friends to check it out.

2. Share to Twitter. Twice.

Sharing with Twitter is another good way to get the word out, especially if you have a good following. Regardless, sharing on Twitter will establish an external link to your site that will be indexed by the search engines and adds to your SEO. I recommend creating a Twitter post that frames your post title in the form of a question, ask for ‘retweets’, and post a second time an hour or two later, or in the morning, with a revised comment.

3. Post to StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is one of the most effective places to repost your blog; there are nearly 10 million people using StumbleUpon on a daily basis. StumbleUpon allows you to add your post to their system where it gets distributed to members who are looking for specific topics. Think of adding your post to StumbleUpon in the same way as running an ad on a radio station; people who listen to that station will hear your ad and respond with interest. There are add-ons for Firefox and Chrome for an easy way to Stumble your post, but it’s not hard at all to visit and add your post by hand. Make sure your post includes a link to your Home page for maximum SEO benefit from StumbleUpon.

4. Publish to Digg.

Digg is similar to StumbleUpon in the sense that it is a place where you can republish your post, however it works a little differently; Digg is essentially a popularity contest. When readers see your post they have an opportunity to ‘Digg’ it. A Digg is a vote, and the more votes your article gets, the closer it gets to the top of the Digg website. As you can imagine, a popular article gets more and more exposure as it climbs the ranks at Digg (being seen by more and more people). If you happen to have a hot article, you can garner a lot of visits to your site, and increase your exposure to a new audience. At the very least, Digg provides a good SEO link back to your site if you have been careful to include a link to your Home page within your post. Post your article directly to, or use an add-on for your browser that allows you to Digg articles with a single click.

5. Share with five friends via email.

Share your post with five of your most influential friends via email. Provide a personalize introduction explaining your objective to grow your audience and ask them to forward it to their associates. This is basically a request for an endorsement and can be a powerful way to get your message to friends of friends. Email is not dead, despite what you may be hearing, and remains an effective way to get a personalized message to a select group of influencers. Be careful not to blast every post to your entire address book or you will be seen as a spammer.

This is the short list. There are many more things you can and should be doing with every post, but if you do at least these five with every one, you will be making measurable progress, increasing your readership, and expanding your impact on the world.

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