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Believe it or not, for a lot of people, blogging and promoting their blog is their full time job. Creating and monetizing their content is what pays the bills and feeds their families. This might be the same for you.

There are several different monetization models for blogs, some of which are as follows:

• Display Advertising
• Product Reviews
• Affiliate/Publisher Programs
• AdSense
• Etc.

Regardless of the method of monetization, the truth is, to create more revenue, you often times need more traffic. For example, with display advertising, the sheer number of page views is what generates revenue, so it is vital to ramp up and keep your traffic growing each and every month. Because of this, I’m writing this post today.

In this post I want to talk about five different ways to dramatically increase the traffic coming to your blog. The concepts in this post can apply to any website or business, but if you are of the “make money blogging” mindset, then pay close attention because these are some serious nuggets of wisdom!

Post Optimization

The very first thing you can do to grow traffic to your blog is to perform keyword research and optimize your post. Use the keyword planner tool and look at variations of words that your audience might be searching for.

Once you have a list, make sure to work them into your title and throughout your post. If you include images in your post, make sure to optimize them with the keywords as well. Here’s a great guide to optimizing a webpage… also relevant for blog posts.

Seed Your Content

After you create some killer content, the next thing you need to do is seed it. This means different things to different individuals, but I like to break it down to the following:

• If you linked out to other resources (and you should EVERY time), reach out to them, let them know you linked to them, and ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing it.
• If you have any friends in the space, reach out to them and ask them to share it.
• Tap into networks like Viral Content Buzz, Just Retweet, and Triberr.

Paid Promotion

Don’t be afraid to pay for traffic. Tapping into Facebook Promoted Posts and Stumble Upon paid discovery are fantastic ways to generate more interest in your blog. Facebook Promoted Posts seem to be doing wonders for my clients right now and highly recommend them to anyone putting out great content on a regular basis.

Guest Post

Even if you’ve heard that guest posting is dead… it is not! Make time each week to develop relationships with other blog owners in your niche and publish posts on their blogs.

When publishing these posts, make sure to include links back to your website as well as calls to action to follow you via social media and subscribe to your RSS feed. The goal is to generate more traffic and keep them coming back to your blog for more.

Community Participation

Lastly, participating in the community is a great way to drive more traffic and visibility for your blog. Take time each week to participate in forums and comment on other blogs. I like to create a list of 5-10 blogs and forums that I participate in on a regular basis. This way the owners and members of these properties see me and get to know me. You are more likely to make friends and bring them back to your site, thus increasing your revenue.

Putting in place these five strategies alone will help you start growing your blog traffic and revenue. There are obviously other strategies out there, but these are those that are high impact and will help you achieve the growth you desire.

About The Author

Greg Shuey is a digital marketing executive for and Stryde. When not blogging and taking care of clients, Greg loves to ski and spend time with his wife and kids.