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In a recent survey of business blog users, only 20 percent of respondents reported linking or referencing blog posts from their customer service reminders (such as newsletters).

This leaves some room for improvement, and highlights a competitive advantage you can be leveraging to get more traffic to your business blog. It also demonstrate to your customers that you have a comprehensive vision for your online communications.

Customers are willing to go to the web for more information from your newsletter at a rate of about 15 percent. This means you can expect roughly 15 percent of your newsletter readers to visit your blog for more information. That’s a significant number, and should grow over time as you continue to refine the way you reference your posts in your newsletters.

In your next newsletter or business communication, select a few posts in your blog history to reference, and provide a link back to them (if it is an electronic newsletter). Reference the link with an invitation to visit your blog for more details about your news, and save a few important tidbits for only those who are enticed to click through.

For example, if you are introducing a new product in your newsletter, reveal and explain the highlight features and benefits, but hold out a few secondary features for discussion on your blog and be sure to explain that your readers can learn more by clicking through.

In the same survey I referenced earlier, just over 70 percent of business bloggers reported using excerpts or information from their blogs in their marketing communications. This is a great idea, but you’ll want to be careful not to simply copy and paste wholesale content. Work to maintain a specialization between your newsletters and blog posts; use newsletters for your formal news and announcements, and keep your blog on a more personable level. Think of your blog as the place to go for ‘the scoop’, more information or the rest of the story. Avoid reproducing duplicate content from one side to the other or your audience will discredit the value of participating in one or the other.

The bottom line is that your newsletter should have at least a link or two back to your blog to help drive traffic, build awareness and generate interest in looking to your business blog for company information.