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I just got off the phone with Mario Armstrong, who you may know from his appearances on CNN, NPR and his own tech talk radio program on Sirius XM radio.

Mario is a digital lifestyle expert and really knows his stuff when it comes to small business marketing online. Second only to the virtual hug, my favorite part of our call was when Mario affirmed that a ‘blog is the hub‘ of any social media effort and an essential part of your online presence.

I had a chance to ask him a few questions about business blogging, social media and mobile access, and we talked about the importance these elements play in the role of a small business.

Mario, of course, offers a handful of social sites he recommends for building your business brand online, and some good tidbits on the importance of marketing your small business with a blog and social media. My appreciation to Mario Armstrong for taking some time out to talk to me. Thanks Mario!

I want to share our conversation with you, so here it is (my weekly tip will still arrive on Wednesday, as usual)…

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