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content-is-kingA few weeks ago posted a review of the top ten Internet marketing strategies for 2009 and it got me thinking about what we might be planning for 2010.

We have spent a good deal of time discussing social media networks like Facebook and Twitter; it seems these have been all the rage this last year and for good reason. However I don’t see these networks carrying the excitement throughout 2010. I agree these will remain important facets of our online marketing, and they will continue to be an important way to reach a close circle of friends and followers with your message.

Facebook and Twitter have achieved staple status and aren’t going away any time soon, but the early adopter wave is over and the laggards are now catching on. I see these as must-have commodities toward the end of 2010, but not the primary differentiators they were for 2009.

Facebook remains as the king of social networking, and new business tools being developed will help businesses take advantage of groups, pages and fans. Watch as Facebook evolves into a more mature business tool in 2010 as professional users give this environment the credibility it deserves as a powerful business forum.

Twitter is a great place to make quick announcements, but watch this space continue to evolve as a research platform where an instant pulse can be taken for messaging campaigns and streetwise advice.

I remain convinced that blogging will again shine through as the king of online marketing. Content is King of search results and there’s just no better way to present frequent, relevant content on the internet.

There are a lot of people blogging out there, but many have yet to find their groove, and most are still trying to capture an audience. Blogging is the perfect mix of story-telling, presentation, discussion and debate. For those that can concentrate on their niche and present content that is interesting, engaging, and optimized for search engines indexing, you’re blog will be the primary differentiator that sets up the reason to use Facebook and Twitter for your 2010 online marketing.

As always, your basic plan should be founded on a regular blog with featurettes and announcements going out as often as possible to your Facebook and Twitter audience.

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