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three-legged-chairIt’s the new year and you are hitting the ground running with your online marketing plans. While everyone else is talking about what to plan for, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about the structure of your plan.

It seems that all we hear about at this time of year is ‘goal setting’, but most of us rarely pause to consider what goal setting is, and how it relates to our online marketing plan.

Whether you are concentrating on social media, your marketing blog, or a good old fashioned email marketing campaign, it helps to understand the difference between Tasks, Goals, and Objectives. Let’s break ’em down with a quick analogy:

When playing a sport, for instance ‘football’, your objective is to ‘win the game’. This is your overarching reason for all the effort and sacrifice you invest. While playing football, you win by making goals. Simple enough; you achieve your objective by setting and reaching goals. A goal can be scoring a point, or a goal can be to post to your blog on a regular frequency.

Finally, goals are made by executing tasks. A task in football might be to count to ‘three alligators‘, run ten steps and turn around to catch a ball. In your business a task is the smallest increment of work that helps you achieve your goal. In this case it might be ‘writing a post’.

Your Strategy is the plan you assemble to organize and complete your tasks and goals in order to achieve your objectives.

So as you contemplate your social media strategy, first outline your objective by asking yourself ‘What do I want to accomplish with all my effort?’. It may be a specific financial objective for your business. Next, determine the goals you need to set in place that drive your progress toward your objective. Goals are shorter term, and you need to have several if not many of them.

Tasks are the basic components of your goals; the actual ‘doing’ that gets the job done. Many tasks comprise a goal, and many goals comprise an objective.

Note that the most important aspect of Tasks, Goals, and Objectives is that they are all specifically defined, measurable, and timed. Like a three legged chair; without these three elements, you do not have an achievable task, goal or objective.

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