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wrap-your-video-in-contentA popular thing to do these days is to add video to your blog. This is a great idea because it adds some visual flair to your site and gives your readers a good reason to stick around. Especially if the video is interesting, funny, or noteworthy.

The most popular and easy way to add video to your site is to embed video from It’s easy to do; simply find a favorite video on YouTube and copy the embed link you’ll find just to the right of the video. Clicking on the embed link opens a drop down menu of options you can select to change the way the video looks, including border colors and sizes.

For those of you using WordPress, you’ll want to drop this bit of code into the HTML editing view in your post window. Change back to the visual WYSIWYG editor to add some content.

Add some content. This is really the gist of my tip this week; video alone is not enough to satisfy the search engines’ hunger for written content. While video is fun for us humans, it doesn’t leave much for the search engines to index; search engines can’t watch and understand videos. So no matter how many you have on your site, the search engines will pass you by if you are not including the written word.

So even though you have added a great video to your blog, it’s important to add content, too.

Next time you add a video to your blog, take just a few extra minutes to add a description of the video underneath. Give a quick explanation of what your readers will see in the video, add your thoughts or opinion about the video, and make sure to use a handful of keywords.

You only need a paragraph or two to give the search engines enough to go on, and the mix of video and written content will assure that the search engines are as happy as your readers.

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